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And the venom continues to flow... not so much at the wonderful state of NJ but to the morons in Arizona...

Did I miss the news report that changed the definition of ILLEGAL? as far as I know, to do something ILLEGAL means to break or violate a law... How can ILLEGAL immigrants be up in arms that Arizona is making it a law to enforce... a law.

You are breaking the law every second you are in the country undocumented. you cross the border ILLEGALLY, you are obtaining residence and work with forged documents, which is ILLEGAL, and you don't pay taxes...which is ILLEGAL.

So please someone explain to me, How does someone who is at any given time break at least 2 federal laws 24 hours a day, have the audacity to claim any rights of the country they are pretty much invading. This is pretty much the equivalent of someone breaking into your home, and saying they have a right to your fridge, and watch your TV.

ILLEGAL Immigrants have not rights cause they are BREAKING THE LAW, You should be kissing the soil in which your pissing on that we don't shoot you, lock you away, or torture you like they do in Iran, China or any other country in the world. And ANY celebrity that agrees with giving ILLEGAL Immigrants rights, why don't you just take them in your homes, feed them, cloth them, and keep them, cause WE DON'T WANT THEM.

I would love to see at one of the rally to give ILLEGAL immigrants rights, the National Guard along with Homeland Security and the INS arrest every single person at that rally, and deport every single ILLEGAL Immigrant back to their country of Origin, and anyone who is a citizen that is at the rally, arrested for aiding and abetting known felons and lock their ass up. this way when they get out of prison maybe they'll appreciate the laws of the land a little more.
Wow... I'm getting so freakin sick of the sheer arrogance of the two major unions here in NJ. We have the New Jersey Extortion Association which is backing overpaid admins and horribly inadequate Superintendents, epic fail tenure teachers, and letting the wolves have the teachers who seem to give a damn about something other than money...but now the CWA, the Communications Workers of America, are running ads saying that Gov. Christie is cutting money to towns and schools so people are getting fired because of him, and that he is giving the millionaires of NJ a massive tax cut, while letting our property taxes go up even more...and ending their ad with "This is not what NJ voted for"...

... this is such a crock of shit... That is what you Didn't vote for because with Christie in office you knew he wasn't going to bend over like the ball-less joke Corzine was. You knew it wasn't going to be business as usual. For the record. Chris Christie DOES NOT raise Property Taxes, Chris Christie DOES NOT FIRE TEACHERS... Townships RAISE property Taxes, SCHOOL BOARDS FIRE TEACHERS. Chris Christie tells them how much money they get. It is up to the Townships to do right with it. So instead of properly manage money and letting go the proper people, they are purposfully cutting teachers instead of admin, they are raising property taxes instead of managing a budget with less...

To the CWA, this IS what I voted for, I voted for Chris Christie because he has the balls to do what needs to be done. What I DID NOT vote for was Unions. I never voted to have my school district run by an organization that gets millions of dollars from teachers to bitch they have no money, OR them extort money from teachers that are not EVEN IN THE UNION...that's right, You STILL have to pay union dues if you are in the Union or NOT, cause you know if you don't your not getting work. How is THAT not EXTORTION??? The Township of Hamilton (mercer co.) two years ago voted DOWN the annual school budget. We, the People, voted down a budget we thought was too high, and not acceptable...what does the township and the School Board do...they cry to Corzine and it gets passed...So their is significant Proof it is All about the money, they don't give a DAMN about what the people want, only that they get more money.

The millionaires Tax, which is actually a $400,000 earned tax, was a Corzine Gimmick that expired on 12/31/09, 21 days before Chris Christie took office, this was enacted by Jon Corzine and the Democratic machine... Chris Christie said he would not raise Taxes. He is keeping to his word. He was not the one to give the "tax cut" to the "millionares" which last time I checked 400,000 was not equal to or greater then 1,000,000. Looks like we need some new math teachers in the state house. Jon Corzine and the Democratic Legislature was the ones who gave the tax cut....which that tax also cost  NJ more in money leaving then it took in...So how does Chris Christie get blamed for something that happened when he had not taken office yet??

In Short, I never voted for union control of ANYTHING State Workers or Teachers, I Voted for Chris Christie and I support his decisions, The NJEA would rather back school board firing 3 teachers then on School Superintendent who has no schools in his/her school district, and would rather storm out of a meeting with the Gov. then fire a super who pretty much wished for the death of Chris Christie...as a joke...funny... but you damn well know if someone in the Gov's office did that the NJEA would be protesting on the State Senates steps demanding that person be fired and the head on a silver platter. The CWA is purposefully LYING to people. I voted for Chris Christie, I wanted the Budget Cut, I wanted the NJEA and CWA to grow up. I wanted Townships to realize the errors of their ways and cut their budgets.

What did we get, We got the Governor we wanted, We got the cuts we wanted... and it ends their... the NJEA and CWA are bitching they have to make due with less...just like EVERYONE ELSE IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY... Townships did absolutely NOTHING to cut their spending and are raising property taxes even more....I NEVER VOTED for a Property Tax increase. So tell me, How is it that I voted for this... yet the ones standing steadfast in the continued destruction of this state are the ones telling me I didn't vote for this...

Another Lie from the ones who are really ruining NJ... the CWA and NJEA.

What the hell is wrong with people???

Seriously... where was I when we had the mass vote that no one is responisble for their own actions and we can blame everyone else in the world for our own fuck ups??

I just saw an article on ABC News that a "Corporate Watchdog" wants McDonalds to "retire" Ronald McDonald because he "promotes childhood obeseity" . Are you fucking kidding me??? Ronald McDonald first off is a staple of McDonalds, he is what you think of when you think McDonalds. Second, what about him "promotes childhood obeseity?? ohh... there are children in the commercials... in the last few years, when they show a McDonalds commercial for the Happy Meals which are the ones with Ronald, the kids are always outside, and the meal they show are the chicken nuggents, with apple slices and the little milk jug. No Fries, No Soda, and No Burgers.

Why are we blaming a fictious clown for children being fat? why are we not blaming the ones who TAKE the kids to McDonalds? Ronald sure and hell aint going to every home in american and bringing these kids McDonalds are taking them their. Why are we not blaming the parents who take their kids to McDonalds on a regular basis to take the easy way out for dinner?? 

Parents, and I can now speak from experience, for those of you who take your kid to McDonalds regularly because they are asking you... here is a phrase i was told when I was young and it still works to day. "No. We are not going to McDonalds."  And what's amazing about it, as a parent, you control that with full athourity, because unless your kids have a driver's license, they can't get there. If they whine, cry or throw a fit... guess what... YOU ARE THE PARENT. It is not your job to be their friend. It is your job to make sure they are Healthy, Safe, Educated and Happy, and it doesn't have to be all at once, they can be healthy and safe, but not happy about it.

Now I am not saying never take your kids to McDonalds, but it's not an everyday thing. It like all junk food is moderation. I love Doritos, I could eat them all day everyday... I don't you know why?...cause I know it is not healthy for me.

If Parents actually did their God Damn jobs we wouldn't need crap like this. Even going back to Joe Camel, I liked Joe Camel when I was young, it never wanted me to smoke, hell I had the best excuse to take up smoking, in the fact that my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and some of my friends smoked. I was surrounded by smokers... I tried it once and never touched a cigarette ever again...unless I was holding it for someone. We blamed Joe Camel and the Marlboro Man for kids smoking... not taking into consideration that parents smoked, or their friends smoked. Cereal Commericals, we can't advertise sugary cereals becaus it makes kids fat... NO the 3 bowls your giving them is making them fat.  No it was the Ads... it's always the ads... Just like now... Ronald McDonald is not buying your kids happy meals... YOU ARE!!

So here is the Real Question we should be asking, Who is to blame for Childhood obeseity, the TV Clown or the jackass who won't say no to their kid?

Frustration and the Ego

Fair warning this is a tiraid on the New Jersey Govener

Ok, first we start with the Ego portion. It is election season, and Jon running for re-election...dear God why? well we know the why. His massively huge bloated EGO.

He, when elected 4 years ago, promised 40 in 4, which was to be a reduction of 40% in our property taxes, which are the highest in the country. A fighter against corruption. Someone who stands up for the citizens. A Wall Street Wizard who would fix the budget, and a transparent government. This was what was promised...this is what we got.

The property taxes have gone up each year, and thanks to the new budget will go up again. The fighter has one round and took a shot to the glass jaw and folded like a cheap suit and did NOTHING to fight corruption. Jon will stand up for the citizens of the state...so long as you work for the state or are in a union, Jon Corzine has done more for the unions of this state, then he has the citizens. He has promised great benefits for State Workers and Union people, and the teachers unions, and all at the expense of the Tax Payers. He tried to pass an 800% Toll increase on the NJ Turnpike, AND he also tried to sell it too. So my question is why is he running? he has one of the lowest approval ratings of any govenor (so they say) Not a lot of people like him (obivously)...I almost for got about Carla... Carla Katz (spelling might be wrong) She and Jon has secret e-mail going back and forth during Union Negotiation, Carla was the head of one of the biggest state workers union in NJ, And had a relationship with the Govenor, AND it has comes out that in those e-mails there wer contract talks...now Any contract discussion is to be on the bargaining table, these were not, WE KNOW promises were made and Jon refuses to let the e-mails be released...transparency my ass...and the for the people thing is a joke to. His policy of protecting our most vunerable...who would be for vunerable then handicapped children...he cut the special education funding. The middle class are on the way to be taxed out of new jersey. The brilliance of this man, he's cutting funding to municipalities and townships. This will translate into higher property taxes because the local government needs to make up the difference somehow, he is also stopping the Property Tax rebates for anyone who's household make an annual income of over $75,000. Is he serious...that's right the Wall Street Wizard thinks that 75K a year is a rich household...then what's middleclass??? is poor the new middle class and homeless the new poor?

Now the Frustration, the man is running for re-election...if I was him I would have said I failed you as a govenor, I will not be seeking re-election. But that's me, this is what he's doing. He's running against former US Attorney Chris Christie. Who has an established Track Record of fight corruption...unlike Jon. He is attacking Chris for loaning a former attorney he worked with $46,000...and not keeping records of it, yet Jon made deals with the Devil and refuses to admit and show those... He's says Christie raised taxes....and an attorney HE CAN'T... and that he will reject Federal Money because he's a lapdog of Bush. Jon was so blinded by the Democratic hate of Bush that he refused to accept we were in a reccesion and the Ecomonic Collapse, until a year into it.

Jon Corzine is one of the WORST things to happen to NJ if the last few years...and the delusional fool thinks he's doing a good job. Yeah, in the 4 years he's been in office...he's maybe done a dozen things that actually were good...the other 100+ things he's messed up, screwed up, screwed us over or tried to claim a victory with not being involved in the slightest bit and now wants another 4 years?

My Message to Jon Corzine:


"Mr. Corzine, you have done nothing good for New Jersey, you have done nothing but lie to us, shift blame for your actions or lack their of, and you only care about those who can bolster your own ego...I mean ambition. You've soled out the people so you can have Joe Biden and Barack Obama campagin for you and for what? 1 rally each? You don't even use them in your ads or that the President backs you...what happened to the friend in the White House, oh...that's right your friend in the white house only got Sec. of State. If you gave even the slightest damn about this state, Please pull your name off the election ballots or start getting truthful. You had 4 years, and you lied to us all, the ones that truly matter, the citizens, not the state and union workers but the ones who pay these ungodly taxes to that you can keep your little preciouses happy...Mr Corzine, to sum up what you were told when you first addressed the assembly...Who do you think you are?"

America and it's fat ass

I just read an article on MSN.com and it was the straw that broke the camel's back. It had a list of the 10 healthiest fast food resturants, and the 15 unhealthiest resturants. And my reaction to that is, fast food in general is not healthy to begin with. Does America have a problem with obesity, yes, I will not deny that...hell I'm overweight myself. But you know what, that's my own damn fault. I'm annoyed at this list because it tells you to avoid alot of stuff and for healthy alternatives to eat this instead...you usually don't go to Taco Bell or McDonalds and walk in saying..."hmm...what on this menu looks like it is really healthy?" you go into Taco Bell for tacos burritos quesadeas, nachos covered in more crap then you can identify. You go to McDonalds for a greasy double quater pounder with cheese, fries and a soda.

The major thing that pissed me off enough to actually post about this was the last entry on the worst list was for Applebee's, IHOP, TGIF's, and one of the other big chains... they are all upset that there is no nutritonal listing in ther menus...are you serious?! I'm sorry, maybe i'm a little naive, but I still believe in common sense, I know it's a hard thing to come by now these days, but if you need a little chart to tell you that the 1/2 pound cheeseburger with bacon and fried onion rings on isn't healthy, then you need to go to a farm and join the other sheep who need to be told how to live.

Life is not worth living if you need to be told how to live it. All it takes to live a healthy life is moderation, a little exercise and a little common sense. If someone eats nothing but McDonalds everyday and wonders why there liver is shot and they weight 300 pounds...then that person is an idiot.  Same goes for the person who goes to the movies orders the super large popcorn with extra butter, nachos, and a hot dog and then a diet coke...got news for you...IT DON'T WORK THAT WAY!

Look moderation works well, at home eat healthy, don't fry the chicken cutlet, bake it or grill it. make a salad, or some veggies instead of mashed potatos. You don't have to go to a gym 3 times a week for 6 hours...after work if you can, go for a walk, or if you work in an office building, and need to go between floors, take the stairs...you lazy bastard. I'm writing this mostly to vent at how sheep like this country is getting, that we need to be told what to eat, what's good and what's bad for us...I hope this posting enlightens someone either to where our sense is leading us, or realize that you control your life not the mass media.